Warning Signs of a Bad Property Manager

February 25, 2015 10:43 pm

When you put the property that you invested in into the hands of someone else, it’s safe to say  that you expect they do everything they agreed upon in order to take care of that property. Sounds pretty obvious, right?

While it may seem like an understatement, there are property managers out there that aren’t doing their jobs and meeting your standards—but how do you know if that is the case or not?

If you aren’t sure, we have listed some of the top signs you can look for in order to determine if your property managers in Camarillo, CA are doing their jobs.

Arguments become ugly

When building a positive professional relationship, whether it’s landlord and property manager or property manager and tenant, the relationship should remain just that: positive and professional. If there is a problem that arises, the problem should be able to be handled effectively and efficiently by the property manager; however, there are instances where problems can boil over and result in property damage, rent withholding and other unruly behavior. If this is the case, it is likely that your property manager has not built a strong relationship with tenants and cannot therefore enforce any sort of authority or rational solutions.

High repair costs

Obtaining quotes and estimates on building repairs is one of the reasons you hire property managers in Camarillo, CA, to take that workload off of yourself. When a problem occurs in the building, a property manager is to shop around and find the best rates for the required maintenance; however, if you are noticing bills or charges being hire than what you think they should or could be, it’s definitely a sign of a bad property manager.

Lack of support

Like any other type of business, it is essential that your property managers are properly trained and equipped to accurately maintain your properties. If they are not trained and don’t have the
backing of other property managers or staff that can be of assistance, how will they be held accountable for keeping the property functioning. On the other hand, if they are trained well and have the support of the company and other staff members, it will result in a much higher productivity rate.

Lack of repairs and inspections

Similar to not taking the time to find the best rates for maintenance problems, a lazy or problematic property manager won’t take the time to perform the proper inspections needed to maintain a healthy operating property. The lack of doing this can not only raise tenant concern and complaints, it can also result in major property damages that could have been avoided had the manger taken the time to inspect everything.

While bad property managers certainly exist, if you know the warning signs, you can easily shy away from hiring one of them. Instead, look at the credentials and experience of your prospective hire and never settle for anything less than what you need. After all, this is your investment and you want someone that will handle it with care.