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Welcome to Drosten Properties

Unlike most property management, we place great emphasis on keeping the dwelling in good condition. We accomplish this with strict lease contracts, frequent inspections, thorough investigation of prospective tenants, and prompt professional repairs. We always attempt to question previous landlords. To further this process, we never permit pets or smoking in any of our managed homes. We try not to accept tenants who cannot prove their trustworthiness.


Maximize Your Net Income:

Our guiding principal is to maximize your net income which is a many faceted dynamic of real estate marketing, contracting, supervising, and maintaining.

Rental Value Determination:

With our long real estate history and constant market monitoring, we can quickly and accurately determine the proper market rent for your property thus reducing no-income rent-up time and advertising expense. Additionally, we have a California licensed and certified Real Estate Appraiser on staff.

Minimize Rental Losses:

A dwelling must not be permitted to deteriorate by uncaring tenants which will quickly cost the owner many thousands of dollars in remedial repairs. Drosten’s repair staff frequently inspect properties and initiate repairs. Drosten will collect repair costs from the tenants if it is found that their negligence was the cause. Initial screening by Drosten should prove prospective tenants show a propensity to pay their bills.

Experienced Gardeners & Repairmen On Staff:

We have our own gardeners and repairmen who quickly put a property into rentable condition to lessen the marketing time and ensure prompt repairs when something goes wrong. These workmen charge less because they are under constant contract and they know how far to go with work and materials on a rental. We also initiate preventative maintenance on properties before little problems become big ones. Our properties are almost always the best on the block and fetch the highest rents. Unlike many management firms, Drosten does not take a percentage or fee for repairs or remodeling cost.

Advertise & Utilize All Effective Resources:

In the process of securing new tenants, Drosten uses all effective local publications, military postings, property signs, and the Internet.

Thorough Tenant Investigations:

Each lease applicant is investigated by a comprehensive credit report (including criminal and previous eviction information), income proof from employers, queries to former landlords. Only those who can demonstrate responsibility in caring for a home will be selected.

Written Property Inspections:

A written inspection of the rented property condition is made with each new tenant before occupancy. With this,both the tenant and the property manager will have a criteria of condition under which the dwelling and the lot will be kept throughout the rental period.

Bullet-Proof Lease Contracts:

Thoroughness and legal enforceability of the lease is the key to a trouble- and expense-free tenancy. It’s vital to ensure that the property is cared for while in the exclusive possession of a tenant. We use only lease contracts developed and approved by the California Association of Realtors lawyers and we add several pages of our own development over the years. These provisions assure the owner’s legal protection as well as proper tenant behavior.

Protecting Against Legal Liability:

We keep ourselves up to date on the ever changing California and Federal laws affecting rental properties. These laws can be heavy-handed and expensive if not followed precisely, and our litigious society can devastate on owners net worth. On our staff we have practitioners with University degrees, some law school, plus nearly a half-century of real estate marketing, and appraisal certifications. The broker is a graduate of a university and of the Realtors Institute.

Monthly & Annual Accounting & Tax Reports:

Every month the owner is given an accounting report for the property, including a Profit & Loss Statement and an explanation of any unusual costs, plus a check for the month’s profits. At the end of the year, a full year P & L Statement is furnished along with mandated IRS and Franchise Tax Board reports. This makes your tax information collection and reporting a breeze.

Management Specialization:

Drosten limits its activities only to residential and commercial rental property management and operates mostly in:

Contact Information


569 Constitution Ave Suite B

Camarillo, CA. 93012

Phone: 805/482-4661

FAX: 805/484-4720


Manager & Broker: Fred Drosten

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(Property Manager)

At Drosten Property Management We Offer: Numerous residential, commercial, and industrial property management services including experienced rent collection, tenant screening using credit, criminal, rental, employment, debt, and payment history, assistance with problem tenant evictions, and provide frequent inspections to head off both tenant abuse and more expensive repairs.

Property Management Functions:

For all properties managed by Drosten, the following procedures are followed:

All repair and remodeling costs are charged to the owner except where the cost is due to the tenant’s negligence whereupon collection efforts will be directed to the tenant.